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Global Benchmark Report

Published quarterly, the Global Benchmark Report illustrates the relative pricing of mobile services around the world. Each report presents the cost of mobile services for various consumer classes from every major MNO/MVNO in 25 countries.

Tarifica’s Global Benchmark Report enables subscribers to visualize and understand price differences between mobile operators both within a single country and across markets around the world.

Users include strategists and plan development professionals who want to be able to visualize and better understand their competitors’ price structures across various consumer classes and service offerings, and government regulators, economists and regulatory affairs professionals who need to assess the competitiveness of their home markets relative to those of international peers.

The Tarifica Score™

The Tarifica Score was developed to answer a simple question: Which mobile plans provide the best consumer value? The Tarifica Score answers this question through its proprietary formula designed to quantitatively determine the consumer value of all plans in a country.

Conducted at a country-level, each deliverable highlights the factors driving each operator’s scores. Clients can identify "Top Value" plans in each customer profile segment and the operator that consistently provides the best value.

In addition to its competitive intelligence benefits, The Tarifica Score can also also serve marketing and PR professionals as another way to showcase winning consumer value.

The Competitor Intelligence Report

The Competitor Intelligence Report illustrates and analyzes the evolution of mobile offers and prices in the client’s selected country across multiple types of consumers. The report provides clear insights into the plan and pricing strategies of the country’s major mobile operators, serving as an invaluable guide to the trends in their plans, prices and offers. Each quarterly report tracks and charts every offer from the country’s leading operators, examining all their plans by price, service feature, device type and other metrics.

Broadband and Fixed Line Services Benchmark Report

The Broadband and Fixed Line Services Benchmark Report analyzes the relative pricing of fixed line telecom services in 15 diverse countries across the globe. Each report presents and analyzes the cost of broadband, calling, double-play, triple-play and quad-play services from every major fixed line operator, cable/satellite provider and other fixed line participants in the selected countries.

Latin America Mobile Benchmark Report

The Latin America Mobile Benchmark Report is a quarterly deep dive into the mobile plans and pricing of 15 South and Central American countries. With its specialized geographic focus, the report can comprehensively compare the prices and available services across the region’s mobile sector. This report is an excellent tool for understanding mobile plans and prices across Latin America and tracking their continued evolution going forward.