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Tarifica’s Digital Intelligence Solution

Arch, Tarifica’s real-time data extraction and analytics solution, combines Tarifica’s technology skills and unique industry expertise to provide a solution that enables clients to understand their markets today and predict future trends. Tarifica’s technology and industry experts work with clients to tailor this unique software solution to best enable each client to track mobile and/or fixed line offers and plan structures in their home markets.

Arch Components:

  • Current and historical data
  • Tactical market snapshots
  • Time series visualizations
  • Auto report generation
  • Daily alerts

What Arch can do for you:

  • Optimize marketing and advertising spend
  • Increase the number of subscribers
  • Enhance customer care functions
  • Reduce churn
  • Grow ARPU

The Arch Interface is intuitive and easy to use, and provides users with access to a host of database functionality

Arch is a robust interactive platform that provides search, sort, filter and export capabilities.
Users can download data into .csv or Excel files for further analysis, including with third party software solutions such as Tableau and JMP.

Users can quickly gain insights on competitors’ device pricing strategies

Tactical snapshots showcase how competitors’ current pricing compares.
Users can click on a plan name to jump directly to the operator’s website for more details.

Time series visualizations can be used to provide details on any plan’s pricing history

With the time series feature, users can chart the market’s evolution and trending patterns over time.

Users can be notified at any time about plan and pricing changes, including via Slack

Arch allows users to track market changes in near real-time via a customized alert system.
E-mail alerts can be initiated based on changes to any selected price, device or plan characteristic.
Alerts mean users don’t have to check to see if prices change – this critical information is pushed to them.