The cost associated with global communications networks, including the purchase of telecommunications services, remains a major driver of IT expenditures for enterprises. A key goal of all IT leaders is to ensure that such expenses are minimized, without a resulting diminution in quality, as expenses consumed on telecom reduce the funds available for other strategic technology initiatives. Optimizing telecom expense is especially challenging for multi-national organizations that must manage complex, global networks from a single hub or headquarters location, or that outsource their network needs to large telecom service providers.

Telecom expense management firms (TEMS) and consultants often help enterprises manage telecom expenses, usually focusing on inventory management, contracting for network services, verification and the audit of monthly bills. However, notwithstanding their strong skills and expertise, TEMs and consultants still require ongoing access to current tariff data, benchmarking statistics and the latest industry trends and practices in order to maximize the benefits they bring to their enterprise clients.

Tarifica can help enterprises by…

  • Providing easy access to updated rates in 81 countries around the world, including those locations in which multi-national companies often maintain a presence. Rates are available for:
    • Mobile: 3G, 4G, LTE; roaming; voice and data services
    • Special offers for SmartPhones and other similar mobile devices
    • Fixed Line Services: PSTN, xDSL, Local Leased Line and Ethernet
    • International Direct Dial (IDD) mobile calling
  • Identifying the latest developments and best practices in telecom pricing, thereby giving enterprises an immediate view of changes taking place that could impact their telecom costs and/or service agreements
  • Benchmarking the cost of services for key markets on a quarterly basis, which enterprises can leverage both during initial contract negotiation, as well as throughout the lifecycle of their agreements with operators, effectively ensuring that they receive the most competitive prices available
  • Offering deep insight into both fixed line and mobile markets worldwide, leveraging not only our expertise but our longstanding industry relationships
  • Providing access to expert analysts who can research and address whatever issues or concerns an enterprise may face in optimizing its telecom cost structure, including analyzing current usage statistics in order to recommend the optimal telecom service supplier (or suppliers) in countries and regions around the world

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