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Who We Are

Our focus is on telecom plans. We work to cover all aspects of our chosen specialty, providing clients with large datasets, hard-to-find information, software solutions, in-depth analyses and meaningful advice. Our goal is to collaborate as partners with our clients to help them achieve important strategic and operational business goals. There are three aspects to our work that help us stand out:


We collect data worldwide, including in both developed and developing regions.


We account for every factor and facet involved in the areas we research.


Our sole focus is on telecom plans and pricing which provides our analysts with a high level of specialized knowledge and expertise.

Our products and services are powered by large-scale data from the global telecom industry and a deep level of expertise gained from our singular focus. We leverage these core attributes to help our clients understand their markets and answer their most challenging questions. This unique perspective can benefit many constituents, including:


We work with operators to help them monitor their competition, find market opportunities, respond to disruptive offers, retain existing subscribers and win new customers.


We help national telecom regulators assess and compare their markets relative to international peers so they can better evaluate competitiveness, track the evolution of offers and pricing over time, identify areas where consumers are underserved and judge the efficacy of policies.


We work closely with many leading industry consulting firms, both global and regional, to provide current and/or historical data for a variety of projects and end-users.