Front Line Sales Support

Salespeople who can quickly and effectively counter competing offers are essential to winning new business in the mobile or fixed line services industry. New deals are won at the point of sale by the ability of front line staff to understand opposing offers, demonstrate their weaknesses and counteract their strengths with prepared talking points describing the advantages of your services.

Tarifica’s Front Line Sales Support leverages Tarifica’s extensive, ongoing research on mobile and fixed line plans to provide sales staff with powerful counterpoints that can be used to undercut competing plans and offers. The Tarifica service offers the following:

  • Concise descriptions of the competing plan or promotion.
  • Comprehensive list of the limitations, restrictions and drawbacks of competitors’ offerings, color coded to easily differentiate between feature limitations and cost disadvantages.
  • Simple, straightforward, easy-to-convey counterpoint arguments.
  • Frequent updates, ensuring that the sales staff is prepared for the newest plans and offers in the market.
  • A targeted focus on the most heavily promoted competing plans (i.e., those that the sales staff encounter and battle against most frequently).
  • Flexible format that can be adapted to the client’s preferred delivery method and audiences (call center, retail sales, etc.).

Tarifica Front Line Sales Support helps drive sales. It empowers sales reps with the tools and information they need to do the following:

  • Close sales faster by having all of the counterpoint information necessary to refute competitors’ claims and/or point out their weaknesses, while actively engaging with the customer.
  • Reassure prospects of the value and superiority of the client’s offer.
  • Present themselves as knowledgeable, consultative professionals well versed in the offers of competitors with the ability to provide sound advice.
  • Reduce the likelihood that the prospect will conduct further comparison shopping.

Tarifica Front Line Sales Support also enables the marketing and sales organization to respond rapidly to new competing offers before those offers have a chance to take hold and grab market share.

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